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Code of Conduct Corp. (“we”) strive to provide a platform and environment that is comfortable, accessible, productive and welcoming to all Tutors and Tutees. We take this priority very seriously. We will constantly monitor activities and reports concerning conducts of Tutors and Tutees on the Site and when appropriate, we will update and upgrade this Code of Conduct in our sole discretion without giving users a prior notice. To that end, we need every user to strictly adhere to and comply with this Tutoring Code of Conduct. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct in good faith will result in termination of the user’s account. “User” means both Tutor and Tutee.

Each user is expected to do all of the following:
1. Fully understand and comply with the Terms of Use, including this Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy.
2. Respect other users’ opinions, cultures, religion, ideas and privacy.
3. Treat another user with sensibility, respect and dignity.
4. Be cordial, friendly and active.
5. Maintain his or her own privacy and keep confidential any private information that another user may accidentally or intentionally disclose.

Each user may not do any of the following:
1. Misrepresent his or her age or any other facts to another user or to us.
2. Excessively engage in tutoring activities or engage in tutoring activities during nighttime or other odd hours. Our goal is to provide positive experiences to all who participate in tutoring activities. While participants are generally expected to have good intentions, we believe excessive engagement in tutoring or engaging during nighttime or odd hours by anyone, especially those who are 13 years old and younger are antithesis to positive experiences. We will determine whether a user is engaged in excessive tutoring activities or engaged during nighttime or odd hours on a case-by-case basis.
3. Seek to build any relationship of whatsoever kind, whether temporary or longer term, other than one as Tutor and Tutee with another user.
4. Directly or indirectly disturb, manipulate, embarrass, confuse or deceive another user.
5. Ask, or trick, cause, entice, encourage or coerce, another user to disclose that another user’s or his or her family’s, personal information. “Personal information” includes age, sex, last name, address, telephone numbers, email address, hashtags, SNS ids and nicknames, ids and passwords, family history, sexual orientation, medical history, family relationship, family’s names, financial condition, and any other information that is private.
6. Sell or offer to sell, or buy or offer to buy, to another user anything whether or not it is valuable or otherwise, whether or not it is tangible or intangible property, whether or not that another user desires to buy or sell from the user.
7. Record any tutoring session using audio, video or electronic devices, programs or apps without express written consent from another user.
8. Offer tutoring sessions to a person who is not registered user of the Site for any purposes or reasons.
9. Make any statements to another user that may be perceived as by that another user as harassing, intimidating, bullying, abusing or offending in that another user’s subjective perspective.
10. Act in such ways that other users may view as harassing, intimidating, bullying, abusing or offending.
11. Advertise or endorse any causes, movements, organizations, products or services of whatsoever kind to another user for whatsoever purposes.
12. Recruit or encourage to join another user any cause, organization or movement of any affiliation for any purposes whatsoever kind, regardless whether such an organization or movement has a physical presence or exist solely in the Internet.
13. Breach or fail to comply with the Terms of Use, including the Privacy Policy.
14. Otherwise act in such a way that is inconsistent with the goal of the Site, which is to promote friendly and welcoming learning and sharing experiences for all who join as well as providing opportunities to learn, and contribute to, causes that benefit the greater goods. If a user consistently rejects tutoring requests by different users who have in the past shown no signs of failing to adhere to this Code of Conduct, such “serial rejections” may be seen as acting in a way that is inconsistent that is inconsistent with the goal of the Site. While we have not set any standard in determining whether a user is genuinely interested in participating in tutoring activities, we do expect a user is inclined to participate in one tutoring session each time he or she logs onto the Site unless the user is subject to another user’s actions that are in violation of this Code of Conduct

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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