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How Gem Works

Please see Terms of Use for definitions of any terms not otherwise defined herein.

1. A Tutee purchases Gems from the Company to pay Tutors of his/her choice for tutoring conducted by aforementioned Tutors. Gems are virtual currency to be used within the Site. A Tutor earns Gems by actively tutoring Tutees. As a Tutee purchases a tutoring session, the Tutee will pay for the tutoring with Gems. Tutoring will be charged by the minute, based on the time spent by the Tutor and the Tutee on tutoring. A portion of the Tutee’s Gems will be moved to the Tutor’s account as payment for the tutoring, and another portion of the Tutee’s Gems will be charged for management of the Site and will be moved to the Company’s account. A Tutor is recommended against spending excessive amounts of time on tutoring activities.

1.1 Spending order. Tutee’s gem may be spent by purchasing order. Formerly purchased gem will be paid in advance by the later purchased gem.

1.2 Gem not be purchased by tutee will not be refunded.

2. Exchange policy. A Tutor can exchange his/her earned Gems for cash on the Site, only if the total of a Tutor’s accumulated Gems are at least 500 Gems. Tutors residing in the U.S. can convert his/her Gems into cash or gift cards and receive it via mail, through bank transfer or through PayPal. Tutors residing outside the U.S. can convert their Gems into cash only through PayPal.

3. Refund policy. In case a User wants to delete or terminate his/her account from the Site, a User can request a refund of his/her remaining Gems. To delete an account, click the delete account button under a User’s setting page under the activity menu. After clicking the “Delete Account” button, a pop-up window will show up for the User to credit the User’s PayPal account. To receive the refund for the remaining Gems upon termination of the User’s account, the User should make his/her PayPal account information available on the Site. The Company will delete the User’s PayPal account information after transferring the User’s remaining Gems. The Company will charge transfer fees which will be paid from the User’s remaining Gems. After transfer fees are deducted, the remaining Gems will be transferred to the User’s PayPal account.

4. Remittance policy. Upon termination of the User’s account and completed transfer of the remaining Gems to a User’s PayPal account, the PayPal may charge transfer fee and User is responsible for the fee charged by PayPal. For more information about PayPal’s transfer charge rates, you can refer to PayPal website - /mpp/paypal-fees

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